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The newly appointed Defence Secretary Liam Fox has been pretty busy.  Not only has he had to get his feet under the table at the office and prepare for the strategic defence review, but he also found time to take part in the very first meeting of the brand new National Security Council and to send a message to all defence staff.  Not for him the quiet settling in period.  In his message  Liam Fox repeated the tired line that British forces are not in Afghanistan “out of choice”, but out of ” necessity”.  This tired  nonsense does not bode well for the coming defence review under Liam Fox’s leadership.

Its hard to shock these days but the barely concealed glee in this report of a British sniper  at work from the Daily Telegraph turned my stomach. The Telegraph was delighted with the fact that the sniper had killed nine people – including shooting one through the throat – in vengeance for the death of his friend.

Whilst the Telegraph boys in their London offices rubbed their hands in glee, the sniper was not so sure: “Night tines is the worst because you cannot get the images out of your head especially what happened to the young lad I hit in the throat” he said….