Dr Fox (no, not the DJ, the Tory Shadow Defence Secretary) laid out the Tories thinking on the proposed defence review yesterday at RUSI. Whilst paying lip service to the idea of needing to make cuts, he made an absolute commitment to maintaining Trident and dismissed the idea of any merger between the three armed ‘services’.

The primary focus of the Tory review would appear not to be on how best to maintain and develop national and global security for the people of Britain, nor how to bring ‘freedom and democracy to those suffering under oppression and dictatorship’ (the current in vogue reasons for war in Iraq and Afghanistan) but to keep the UK as a “first division” global power. “We are at a tipping point in Britain” said the former DJ (oops! sorry, Tory leader) “We need to decide if we want to stay in the first division or slide into the second division,” “I choose the former.”


Its hard to shock these days but the barely concealed glee in this report of a British sniper  at work from the Daily Telegraph turned my stomach. The Telegraph was delighted with the fact that the sniper had killed nine people Рincluding shooting one through the throat Рin vengeance for the death of his friend.

Whilst the Telegraph boys in their London offices rubbed their hands in glee, the sniper was not so sure: “Night tines is the worst because you cannot get the images out of your head especially what happened to the young lad I hit in the throat” he said….