Yesterday,  my old Catholic Worker friend Ciaron O’Reilly and I undertook a protest vigil at BAE Warton.    Both of us had been to BAE Warton many times in the past and indeed, both of us have a life-time injunction to keep off all British Aerospace (the former name of BAE Systems) property.   Nevertheless we made an eight-hour round trip by car up to Preston as BAE systems were calling people to gaze upon their new unmanned combat drone, Taranis, as it was being launched.  

Taranis, named after the Celtic god of thunder, is  the newest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone which is just the latest in a long line of weapons used in erroneous belief that they will provide a clean and tidy solution to a conflict – time and again history has proved that this is a myth.  

The reality is that bigger and deadlier weapons will not bring peace or security- infact the reverse is true.   “Integrity will bring peace, justice give everlasting security” says  Isaiah 32:17 

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